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I designed all new packaging for La Royale, and proceeded to do all photography for the online store.

The Infini Masque Magique box features gold foil stamping on a black matte surface, with a magnetic snapping closure at the bottom. I designed all the components to feature gold plating, and they sit on a black velvet-wrapped EVA tray within the box. There is a consistent graphic pattern on the front and inside cover, wrapping around the custom typography and inside information. More photos and information here:

The Fortified Algae Membrane Set box features the same graphic pattern as the Infini Magique Masque, arranged around the entire blacke matte surface in a Spot UV. The box opens with a magent closure at the front, and to gold smooth paper and a black velvet-wrapped EVA tray with the custom designed components. Every item is branded, and the face mask pouches have the graphic pattern at the bottom, creating a very consistent, appealing package. More photos and information here:

The Luminescence White Pearl kit is a white texture case with gold hardware and printing, and black velvet inside. I designed the gold gradients components, all sizing specifications, and arranged for the custom texture and hardware with the manufacturers. More photos and information here:

I had the idea for the Gold Radiance Glow Set to be a reuseable item, and landed on a jewlery box. This set has two drawers custom-fit to the vials and mask envelopes inside, and an upper section with a jar of cream and spatula. I designed this with gold foil stamping on black matte PU material, with additional gold accents like the mirror frame and La Royale crowns on the inside and back. I also designed gold gradient jars and vials here, to create consistency across the brand.
More photos and information here:

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