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I was the principal designer tasked with the refresh for Alberta Pure vodka label, in my time at Forthought Branding & Design.

In the new design, I gave the logo and hierarchy some small tweaks.
I also introduced the shape of the Three Sisters Mountains, unique to Alberta, in a way to frame the revitalized logo. I collaborated with my Creative Director to use different Pantone colours to brighten the label and help it stand out on shelf, and I utilized much more of the metallic foil they were already using as their substrate.
I did not create the final illustration used. That was outsourced to Andrew Plewes.  
I did complete all print production work to ensure perfect printing.

In addition to the refreshed vodka label, Alberta Pure wanted to introduce flavoured vodkas to their catalogue.

I designed the new Raspberry label, and the new design has since been rolled out to two additional new flavours.
We went through a few options for the flavour banner, before landing on the final choice. I did not want a flat colour banner to block any of the beautiful illustration, so I created the end result using one Pantone colour in various tints, retaining the shapes inside the illustrations.

You can also see the new neck wrap in this shot as well. Again, I wanted to show more of the metallic foil substrate so I created a gradation of colour from the top, along with a new custom seal design to emphasize this vodka's home-grown roots. I also created the digital rendering for this bottle image.


Here is a close-up shot of the final flavour banner!

Screen Shot 2023-08-21 at 3.52.35 PM.png
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