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The work I have done for Kellogg's included both advertising and packaging design. I am proud to have designed small elements that ended up permanent features on some widely-known cereal boxes, and to have created multiple promotional campaigns for Kellogg's in my time at Anthem SGK.

Below are some miscellaneous advertisements and coupons I designed for Kellogg's. Click on any image to open the gallery full-size!

I am very proud to have been a lead designer on the Eggo Cereal project.

After finalizing the carton design, I was then assigned the work of all the associated in-store display pieces as well. Below is a sample of that work.

Kellogg's has an annual Did You Know campaign, to highlight their new health claims.

I was the lead designer on this project for 2019, 2020, and 2021. Below are some examples of pieces that I designed for the 2019 promotional campaign. This is only a small selection, as it was rolled out to four major supermarket chains with various display pieces and and coupon sizing, and some movie theatres as well.

Click on any image to open the gallery full-size!

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