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For Soap Stories, my work included all promotional materials, e-newsletters, and new packaging.
Additionally, logo design and website design for the new sub-brand Soap Stories NK.

One example of the new packaging I designed was for a set of hand creams.

I additionally created these renderings to advertise the products.

I took initiative with the Soap Stories Instagram page, as it had been fairly inactive. One of my ideas was a regular "Scent of the Week" post, with a graphic I made featuring all the products with that scent. I made these posts shoppable, and this created a small new area of shoppers for this brand.

I had the idea to incorporate QR code cards in the stores, for people to get immediate access to Google reviews for that location. I additionally redesigned the store location business cards.

Another initiative I took was to redesign some of the old marketing materials, such as the Facebook Cards
all customers receive at the various spa locations, adding in the Instagram information.

Here are a few more of the social media posts I created, combining my own photography with computer graphics and drawn elements. My goal was to create a fun, interactive brand by having posts that encouraged commenters to vote on products, such as soaps or creams.

This increased customer engagement and created new revenue through more shoppable posts.

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