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For Era Ageless my work included all promotional materials, e-newsletters, and new packaging.

Here are some vector renderings I made. I included these with the artwork files I sent to printers and manufacturers, in order to show how we wanted the drawer mechanism and layering to work with this particular box design.

One of the initiatives I took with this brand was to redesign the website banners.

Below are a selected few of the newsletter graphics I created for the regular email subscribers.
*Not shown in chronological order, only showing main graphics.

Another initiative I took was to render all the new packaging for the online store, to make all the images consistent and appealling.

I also took over the Era Ageless Instagram page, as it had been fairly inactive. I combined my own product photography (using pink marble slabs) with graphics I made, and posted every Wednesday at 12:30.

Additionally I designed all in-store marketing materials, such as facial cards and product recommendation cards.

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